Can’t find your tickets or your download page?

No problem. Your tickets are available from your own private download page. You can get to your private download page from the link in your confirmation email.

Can’t find your confirmation email?

Enter the email address you used to buy your tickets here and we’ll send you a list of all the matching orders from the past year.

Want to share your tickets with somebody else?

There are two options: ticket sharing and secure ticket transfer.

Sharing a Copy

Use this if you’ve bought some tickets and want to give a copy of a ticket to someone you’re attending with.

  • We’ll send the recipient a copy of one of your tickets
  • Your original ticket will still be valid and under your control
  • We’ll let recipient know you still have the original ticket

Secure Ticket Transfer

Use this if you want to permanently transfer tickets to somebody else and prove to them that you no longer have a copy.

You can use it for just a few of your tickets or your entire order.

  • The original copies of the tickets you transfer will be cancelled
  • We’ll issue new tickets to the recipient and they’ll have complete control of them
  • We’ll let the recipient know that they have the only valid copy of the ticket

You can read more on our secure transfer information page.

Other questions?

We’re here to help! Email us at: